The National Veterans Art Museum Triennial Performance Lab - PERFORMING ARTISTS CALL

The National Veterans Art Museum Triennial Performance Lab - PERFORMING ARTISTS CALL

Proposals from veteran performing artists on the theme of “Reparations” will be accepted for participation the Veteran Art Summit, to be held in Chicago, Illinois May 2 - May 5, 2019. The Veteran Art Summit will kick off the first-ever National Veterans Art Museum Triennial, which runs through July 29.

With a focus on the visual, literary, performative, and creative practices of veterans, the NVAM Triennial explores a century of war and survival while challenging the perception that war is something only those who have served in the military can comprehend.  The Veteran Art Summit will bring together veteran artists from across the United States to strengthen the emerging veteran art movement.

To apply: Submit a one-page proposal for a performance-based project on the theme of “Reparations.”

What are artistic strategies towards reparations in the age of the forever wars?

Selected artists will participate in a one-week residency in Chicago, and also present their work during the Veteran Art Summit.  This residency includes:

  1. Space to develop work (Specifics will be decided in relation to the projects accepted).
  2. Stipend in the amount of $500 dollars.
  3. Housing and travel to the Veteran Art Summit and Triennial
  4. Presentation of the work will be determined with the curator: but will include an artist talk, as well as presenting an excerpt of the work under development.


TWO veteran artists will be selected for the performance lab & residency, which aims to promote artistic expression related to the frames of meaning-making, reconciliation, and justice.

We encourage applicants from a variety of modes, including: music, text-based work, sound, dance, and embodied practices.

DEADLINE: March 23, 2019

Submit project proposal on the theme of “Reparations” through the Google form connected below/by following the link below:

In the case that there are problems accessing the application please email